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Wikia Entries

Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:35 pm by Turbo

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-Dr. Moreau
-Negative Egon
-Dr. Smoke

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Characters Wanted!

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Characters Wanted!

Post  Turbo on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:40 pm


Blaze - Pyromaniac princess and protector of the Sol Emeralds (Archie, VG, STC)

Tikal - Little dead girl, daughter of Chief Pachacamac, and sacrifice to Chaos (Archie, VG, STC, TV)

The Brotherhood of Guardians - Knuckles' forefathers, each former Guardians: Edmund...

Princess Sally - Down-to-earth, practical princess of the Kingdom of Acorn (Archie, TV)

Sara Freedoms - Whiny princess of Planet Freedom/Earth (TV)

Kintobor Computer - Benevolent computer that runs the Freedom Fighter base (STC)

Mina Mongoose - She's a speedy song-goose (Archie)

Amy Rose - Whiny... #1 fan of Sonic (Archie, VG, STC, TV)

Rob O' the Hedge - Protector of Mercia (Archie)

Porker Lewis - Computer-proficient member of the Freedom Fighters (STC)

Teckno the Canary - Independent Freedom Fighter (STC)

Shortfuse the Cybernik - Independent Freedom Fighter, trapped in a suit of Cybernik armour by Dr. Robotnik (STC)

Ebony the Cat - A witch (STC)

Manic - Prince of the Kingdom of Clouds (Archie, TV)

Sonia - Princess of the Kingdom of Clouds (Archie, TV)


The Chaotix Team - A team of detectives composed of Charmy Bee, Vector, and Espio; or Knuckles' support team with the additional members of Julie-Su, Mighty, and Ray (Archie, STC, VG, TV)

Rouge - A sultry jewel-afficionado, and spy for G.U.N. (Archie, TV, STC, VG)

Omniviewer - An all-knowing screen, and former 'prison' of Shadow (STC)

The Anti-Babylonz - Counterparts of the Babylon Rogues, friendly street-racer hooligans who base themselves out of a secret clubhouse, composed of: Anti-Jet, Ebb (Anti-Wave), and Anti-Storm (Archie)

The Werehog - Good or evil, he comes out at night... - VG


Snively - Dr. Eggman's traitorous nephew (Archie, TV)

Grimer - Dr. Robotnik's treacherous second (STC)

The Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad - Dr. Eggman's bumbling' bots, composed of Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts (Archie, TV)

Chaos - Cranky water god (Archie, STC, VG, TV)

The Dark Legion - The Brotherhood's evil technophilic counterparts, composed of: Dimitri/Enerjak, Menniker, Remington, Kommissar Lien-Da, and Gae-Na (Archie)

Metal Knuckles - Dr. Eggman's second favourite pet (Archie)

The Supression Squad - The Anti-Freedom Fighters, composed of: Buns Rabbot, Boomer, Patch, Alicia, Fiona, Geoff, Rosey the Rascal (Would be cool to get an Anti-Nicole, Anti-Mina, etc...) (Archie)


Wechnia - An anti-social hacker (Any and All...)

Honey the Cat - An eager fighter (Any and All...)

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