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Wikia Entries

Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:35 pm by Turbo

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Chat Meets

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Chat Meets

Post  Turbo on Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:45 pm

We are going to be having structured chat meets Saturday and Sunday evenings for the duration of the summer period. If it is successful, then it might continue through the remainder of the year, though in decreased quantities, due to the recognized need for studying periods. The chatroom in question is on AIM, called SonicSociety, and you will be given an invitation if you cannot get to it yourself.

Structure is paragraph based role-play, like in the forums. This means, if they are to be posted up, then everyone will have to adhere to the same quality and structure. It's too much for the admin to have to edit out asterisks. At some point, it could be separate action-based, but it just looks better if it's neat and sans-asterisk. Structure also includes a turn order, and this isn't optional. Turn order is generally based around the first couple rounds, to determine who goes before whom.

An example would be:


At the end of Knuckles' turn, it would be Phineas' turn again. The singular exception to turn order would be if someone requests to be skipped, whether for one turn or more. Generally, this could be if they have nothing to say, but also if their character is unconscious. To keep the chats from becoming too hectic, please LIMIT YOUR CHARACTER COUNT TO ONE CHARACTER. Exception to this is singular, in that Mai will be playing Slenderman in addition to Phineas. Anything else will have to be vetted by an admin.



9 & 10 - The SS members embark on a cruise to a tropical island.

16 & 17 - PA ONLY - meet up with Slenderman, who is going to pick them off one by one.

23 & 24 - [[OFF, JACK IS ON VACATION]] SS freebie day, using the chatroom.

30 & 31 - PA ONLY - The team goes para-hunting/tries team building nonsense


6 & 7 - People are developing a mysterious illness, and they need to work together to cure it.

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