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Singe - The Most Entertaining Delinquent

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Singe - The Most Entertaining Delinquent

Post  Singe on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:04 pm

Section I - You, the Player

Name or Alias: Alison, but you can call me Singe (that’s my username here anyway) or Death Sock

Gender (or preferred gender, we're not picky): Female, but I tend to play male characters, lol

Is romance, yuri or yaoi RP in side RP okay? Specify: Yep! I’m fine with yaoi, not so much with yuri since I roleplay guys. But I like romance… as long as it’s not JUST boy-on-boy/girl-on-girl, y’know? I enjoy my straight romance, too ^^;

How/when to contact you: When I’m not on the forum, you can contact me on MSN/eBuddy (lemur_queen@msn.com is my email) and you can also contact me on DeviantArt (Unknown-Havoc is my username)

Anything the admins/other members should know?: I’ve been part of another forum called The 9 Forum for two years. If I’m not on SS for a while, then I’m probably over on the 9 Forum. ^^; I’ll try to be on here as much as I can, though! Also, I have a 3-hour time limit on the computer (stupid, I know. I didn't make the rules.) Remember you can always contact me on DA or eBuddy if need be!

Sample post (at least two descriptive paragraphs, the more the better.) Please select from one of the following prompts and give a response. Please keep in mind this is to judge you on grammatical accuracy, reading comprehension, and creativity, as well as working from an established plot. Have fun with this:

- You're trapped alone, with an oncoming army of man-eating Zombies. How do you survive and escape to the next town over? Choose from: Sonia the Hedgehog, Marine the Raccoon, Blaze the Cat

“Sonic?! Manic?!” Sonia’s shrill cries echoed throughout a rundown, dilapidated city as she stalked the alleyways in what was now turning to a desperate search for her brothers. The magenta hedgehog sighed and she ceased her walking, now in the middle of an alleyway she had been through before. She gave the cement wall in front of her a glare.
“Argh!” Sonia huffed, placing her hands on her hips and tapping a boot irritably. “Where could they be?! They went to get chili dogs an hour ago! If they don’t come back in five seconds I’m gonna—“ a strange inhuman noise made her pause and her Mohawk-like quills quivered only slightly. It seemed to be from behind… the band member heard a shuffle of what sounded like feet, and she whipped her head around and gasped.
A tall, charred figure of rotting flesh and sunken eye-sockets met her glance. Sonia’s eyes dilated and she turned on her heel to face the human-like creature. She pursed her lips and gave the ghoul a hard stare. “I hope you aren’t here for autographs…” she said. The undead creature shuffled closer to the female, groaning from deep within its throat. The zombie lifted its arms and held them outstretched. Seeing this, Sonia gripped the keyboard medallion that hung ‘round her neck. It started to glow, and a life-sized electronic keyboard appeared from the bright pink light that erupted from the medallion. Sonia smirked, the instrument suspended from a strap that rested around her shoulder. She held up a hand and her fingers hovered above the keys, “Eat electronic rock, ugly!” Sonia’s fingers then streaked along the keyboard and a blast of energy exploded out of the instrument, hitting the zombie point-blank and sending it flying into the street.
“Hmph!” Sonia exclaimed proudly, tilting her head high, “That’ll teach you not to mess with a—huh?” A chorus of grunts and groans entered her ears and Sonia opened her eyes again to find a dozen more undead ghouls staggering toward her from behind the walls of the alley. “Oh, look, more fans.” Grinning, Sonia strummed her keyboard again, sending louder sound waves and more energy blasts their way. Most of the ghouls went down immediately, only for more to take their place. Sonia kept up her attacks, firing multiple, faster, and smaller blasts in order to take the horde zombies down. Every time she got one down, another one would pop up, and another, and another. “Oh, come on!” Sonia exclaimed as she faced now over twenty zombies. She aimed a kick at one who got too close, and took another step back as the zombies began to crowd her.
“Alright--I’ve had enough.” Sonia’s keyboard shrunk back into her medallion, and with a turn of her heel Sonia spun into a pink tornado-shaped blur, creating a relatively strong blast of air that knocked the closer zombies aside. She zigzagged her way through the crowd of ghouls, smashing through them and sending them flying into the alley walls. She exited the alley and made a sharp swerve to the left, not wanting to slow down one bit.

Section II - Your Character


Name: Singe

Nicknames/Alias: “The Most Entertaining Delinquent”, by Turnopolis citizens, and people who know/heard of him.

Gender: Male

Age: 18-19

Birthplace*: The Turno Dimension (Alternate Dimension)

Residence*: Turnopolis

Occupation: Ex-gang member; Rebellious trouble-maker and law-breaker.

Marital Status: Taken

Species: Brandt’s Hedgehog


Fur/Scale/Feather Color: Dark red

Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): a pale, yellowish hue

Eye Color: A bright golden-yellow

Hair/Quill Style: Unlike most hedgehogs, Singe has four thick quills instead of six. The four quills are positioned vertically on the back of his head, like a Mohawk. They are very pointy.
First quill (Top): The top quill tilts upwards in order for the quills underneath to move and grow without any trouble. The tip of the top quill tilts down at an angle.
Second quill (second from the top): The longest and the thickest of all four quills. Despite it’s simplicity in shape, it acts as a sort of “base” for the quills, connecting them to the back of the head. It is not certain whether this is the case, as all the quills are connected individually.
Third quill (second from the bottom): The smallest out of the four, this quill curves upward in hopes to be noticed. Because it’s completely hidden under the quill second from the top, others tend to think it’s not even there, especially from an aerial view.
Fourth quill (Bottom): The last quill and the “balancer”. Because of its position, this quill slopes down and then sharply curves upward from the middle. This balances out the other quills, in order to make the back of Singe’s head not too top-heavy. This quill has the same length and width of the first quill.

Nose: Black, shiny, and bean-shaped.

Ears: Singe has triangular, pointy ears that jut straight up. They curve a little at the tips from the middle of the head, however, making them look a little slanted and almost horn-like. The insides are the same color as his skin.

Tail: Longer than most hedgehog tails; tilts slightly upward.

Other bodily features: Has pointy fangs instead of flat teeth; eyes are connected; has a somewhat shorter stomach with longer limbs (legs are longer than arms).

Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks: Has a large grey/brown-colored scar on the left side of his face that’s around his eye and the corner of his muzzle. Received in a fight from the gang he used to be a member of. Though it was aimed at his eye, it isn’t harmed in the slightest.

Attire: Wears a black leather jacket, white gloves, and biker boots. Also has a pair of dark-blue tinted police shades.
Leather Jacket: This zippered leather jacket has a white collar where the opening for the head would be, just above the square jacket-flaps (one flap on each side of the jacket). The collar doesn’t have an opening. Bares a jagged, graffiti-like logo of an ‘S’ in the middle on the back of the jacket, which his bottom quill tends to cover. The logo is a fiery red color, and outlined thickly in white. Although neatly-kept, this jacket is always kept open.
Gloves: Plain, cuffed, white gloves. The cuffs are thick and flat (in shape) instead of puffy and arched. They have two black squares on each side and the cuffs cover the wrists of the jacket.
Biker Boots: These large black leather boots have zipper handles on each side of their thick cuffs. The handles attach to zippers on both sides of each boot, the zippers being shaped like an upper-cased ‘L’. The zippers end under a thick strap that’s a lighter shade of black; the strap is in the middle of the boot and is attached by a light-grey metal buckle on the outer-side of both boots, whereas the inner-side of the straps just has a round metal knob.

Mental Attributes

IQ (or approximate range, a #): 88

Intelligence (book smarts vs. street smarts, education): Street smart; was home schooled throughout most of his Junior High years and dropped out of school during the second year of high school.

Learned Abilities:
-Homing attack
-Spin Dash/Spin Attack
-LIMITED teleportation

Driving: Probably not a car, but he’d be able to figure out how a motorcycle works.

Computers: Enough to get around; he’s not a hacker by any means, and if he DID manage to hack into something it’d most likely be on accident or just pure luck.

Critical thinking: Singe is a “ask questions first, pummel ‘em after” type of guy. Despite this, Singe rarely ever thinks before he acts, which gets himself into trouble he tries to get out of. He may ask a lot of questions, but that doesn’t mean he listens them.

Mental Weaknesses/Ailments: Singe tends to daydream about his girlfriend a lot, as well as think about ways to get Clinton out of his hair.

Sanity (in percentage: i.e. Tails is 95% sane): 78%

Physical Attributes

Height (cm, or ft, in): 3’6”, if you take the tip of his top quill and his legs into account.

Weight (lb, please, no stone): 79lbs

Voice (how do they sound? Any verbal tics?): (I can't explain voices at all. I'm terribly sorry. It's just too difficult for me--I don't know how!) Cocky and sarcastic in tone, as well as a bit uncaring at times. He replaces the word ‘you’ with ‘ya’ occasionally and doesn’t pronounce the g’s at the end of actions most of the time. Eg. “Hey, what’cha doin’ here?”
Also tends to laugh at the beginning or at the end of his sentences. Eg. “Heh, are ya always like this?”

Balance: Singe is rather good at keeping his balance, although sometimes after he teleports, he has to regain his balance, as he sometimes won’t know just where he’ll end up.

Posture (on average, how do they carry themselves?): He bends forward with his legs out and stomach in, when he’s trying to prove a point or just acting smug. This is also used as a fighting stance. He’ll stand the opposite way when also acting full-of-himself; standing straight with his chest out and head raised—this, along with the former stance, is sometimes paired with a shrug or a hand gesture.

Stamina: Singe may be weak in some terms of patience, but he can last quite a while in long term fights, as long as he doesn’t get critically injured or bored.

Hearing: Little more than average hearing; he can hear from behind walls and other places, depending on how thick the wall is, or how far away he happens to be at the time.

Climbing: He’s not that great at climbing. If he has to climb a rather long distance, Singe will most likely cheat his way up in one way or another.

Speed: Singe can run at incredible speeds, but is nowhere near as fast as a certain blue hedgehog. He’s also very flexible and agile.

Strength: His strength is around average; He is not stronger than Knuckles or Mighty, especially. He can’t push or lift extremely heavy objects, but he can knock you around quite a bit.

Swimming: Singe can’t swim, but he can run on water for limited periods of time. If he manages to fall in the water, he’ll curl into a ball and try to levitate himself upward to the surface.

Martial arts: N/A

Other: Because of his agility and nimbleness, Singe is a great dancer, able to move his feet and body in a slick and almost-abstract manner.

Physical Weaknesses: The middle of his back due to his posture, and the bridge of his nose and tail.

Physical Ailments: Other than the scar on his face (if that counts), nothing.

Allergies: A small moss allergy. It’s nothing fatal, but his nose gets irritable and he tends to rub it a lot.

Any skills specifically lacking: N/A

Basic Attacks/Skills and Limitations:
Homing Attack: Singe curls into a spiny ball and homes-in on his enemies
Spin Dash/Spin Attack: Curls into a spiny ball and dashes forward at high speed; can also be used for jumping.
Figure-8 Peel Out: Singe revs his feet, making an infinity shape and runs at high speeds.

Special Attacks/Abilities and Limitations:
Pyrokinesis: Can create, control, and extinguish fire. He’s skills range from making fireballs and fire-engulfed Spin Attacks, to creating fire-tornadoes or spirals, and even setting himself on fire! If hit by a special Water-based Artillery Rifle, or W.A.R, along with being soaked, Singe will be prevented from using his fire abilities for a specific amount of time. If used in session, the time will be increased.
While under water Singe is unable to form physical fire, but has the ability to heat up the water around him to temperatures up to 70-90 degrees.
Teleportation: An ability Singe managed to use during a fight with Mace, and is still perfecting. Singe can disappear with a snap of his fingers, leaving an after-image of himself behind while reappearing somewhere else. For example, if someone were about to put him in a sleeper-hold, Singe would disappear from the enemy’s grasp and reappear in another part of the room or area, meaning he would NOT be able to disappear and reappear in another building, city, or zone. He’d be able to reappear OUTSIDE the building he was currently in, or in another building as long as it’s beside or close to the previous building, such as an apartment complex. He CANNOT use Chaos Control.

Emotional Attributes

Myers-Briggs type*: N/A

Alignment (hero/neutral/villain, or in-between): Villain

Personality: Singe has been named “The Most Entertaining Delinquent” in Turnopolis. This hedgehog causes trouble wherever he goes, which Singe enjoys tremendously, and often shows this by smiling a fanged grin. He laughs in the face of the law and authority, and doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t involve or concern him.
Singe is humorous and eccentric, and often starts or ends his antics with a smug remark or action. He loves putting on a show, even if it causes harm, and because of his theatrical, almost “childlike” behavior, he can be very persuasive, and often gets questions thrown left and right at him by his girlfriend, Claire, whose “good side” has no notion of his rebellious actions.
Singe is not a serious fighter by any means, but he can be dangerous. Singe is wild and erratic, which can help him tremendously while fighting in open spaces such as fields or places with elevated platforms, such as forests or mountainous areas. Because of his skilled pyrokinetic abilities and being unable to use them with lack of oxygen, you wouldn’t want to be trapped with him in an enclosed space, either.
Singe rarely, if ever, gets angry or upset. If anything, he’d just get annoyed, or even pleased in certain situations! He can also be cowardly, given the situation or circumstance, but he most likely tries to shrug it off or not show it. Officer Clinton, main cop of Turnopolis, is the only one able to bring out Singe’s negative side.

Likes: Causing trouble, escaping the police, vandalism, warm/hot beverages and liquids (and even cold beverages/liquids, occasionally), his girlfriend, the sun (his so-called “Father”), putting on a show, open spaces, stealing, ruining people’s plans or goals, ruining things in general, setting things on fire, listening to the radio, talking people out, being proven right, kicking kids to the curb (sometimes literally!), parties (and crashing them), having fun, getting his way.

Dislikes: Getting caught, Officer Clinton, Officer Clinton’s W.A.R pistol, enclosed spaces, people who take things too seriously, not being able to use his powers in certain situations.

Aspirations/Dreams: To free the Sun from its chained prison in the sky and start a ‘bond’ by causing destruction with it in Turno.

Fears: Being locked away in jail, his girlfriend getting hurt, and drowning.

Hobbies & Talents: Singe is quick on his feet. That, and mixed with being somewhat of a “wildcard”, makes him a fairly good dancer in the abstract scheme of things. Spending a couple years in a gang also made him a rather excellent thief and graffiti artist. The one thing he needs to work on is making sure he HIDES the fact that he’s been stealing and not vandalize property when the police are around…

Family and Friends:
Dana: Singe’s mother and owner of Turnopolis’ number one fast-food joint called “Dana’s Diner”. She loves her son dearly and only wants the best for him. The only problem is that she doesn’t punish him when he does something wrong, and thinks that he’ll stop his rebellious actions on his own accord.
Turno’s Sun: Singe’s self-proclaimed “Father”. According to legend, Turno’s sun was once a powerful god capable of destroying entire dimensions. The ancient ruler of Turno then chained the fiery god to the sky by unbreakable chains, forcing it to rise and set with each passing day and in its rage the god let loose a fraction of itself from deep within and sent it down to wreck havoc on the mortals below. But no one really believes that, right?
Team Radical: A team of three and citizens of Tomorrow City, the most high-advance technological city in Turno. They’re radio show hosts, and they’re always on an adventure when not on the job. One out of the three admires Singe for his lack of following rules and his wild, eccentric nature. The other two team members acknowledge their teammate’s esteem, but they tend to make sure he doesn’t do anything that could cause any trouble for the rest of the team, not to mention their job. This team loves advanced technology and they never go anywhere without their rocket-powered scooter and built-in radio set. It may look like 80’s technology, but it’s really useful.

Rivals: N/A

Officer Clinton Copper: Turnopolis’ most well-known cop. A German Shepherd and a serious man of the law, Clinton has been targeting Singe ever since he found the hedgehog causing trouble in Mace’s gang. Clinton is one of the only people who can reveal Singe’s negative side, and push his buttons if the right thing is said or done.
Mace Mongoose: A mongoose with a knack for violence. He expects anyone who is a part of his gang to follow his orders and do so without question. Whoever refuses will be severely injured or even killed.

Character History/Back Story (at least two paragraphs; please consider the canon of the Sonic universe for which you are applying): Singe was born in the dimension of Turno (a dimension far from Mobius Prime, but only a skip and jump away from Mobius Beta), in the city of Turnopolis, a 70’s/80’s type of city which has been that way for as long as anyone can remember. Singe was born with pyrokinesis, the ability to create, control, and end fire of all kinds. The doctors were unable to determine just how Singe came to be with this ability, as his mother, Dana, and her family had no trace of pyrokinetic prowess anywhere in their bloodline. But Dana had a theory…

Growing up, Singe never questioned how he managed to create or control fire at will. In fact, he used to think everyone in Turnopolis could do it, but they just forgot how to over time, or perhaps they decided to stop using the ability. Because of this, Singe got confused as to why his classmates were so frightened whenever he tried using his powers out in the playground during his first two years of elementary school. After those upsetting experiences, Singe asked his mother why he had these powers and how he got them. His mother told him that long ago, their dimension’s sun was a powerful god who could control fire and destroy cities and civilizations in moments. The ancient ruler of Turno at the time thought the god was far too powerful and had to be contained; otherwise the dimension would be destroyed. The ancient ruler used his magic to form the god into a giant ball of fire, and chained it to the sky by thick, indestructible chains made of the purest light. In its rage, the god released a small piece of itself and sent it down to earth, where it took the form of a hedgehog to live among the mortals, in hopes that one day it would avenge and free the god that gave it life.

Singe soon learned that most of the tale was true, having read plenty of books on the subject, and he thought of himself as a god. Because of this, he thought he could do whatever he wanted! He began skipping school to hang out at the arcade, and bullied and heckled other kids to show that he was superior. Dana never knew that Singe wasn’t participating in classes; she thought he just wasn’t comfortable in that kind of environment. So for the next three years, Singe was homeschooled, and was put back in the school system when high school came around. When he was 15, Singe dropped out of high school and joined a gang led by a mongoose named Mace, whose methods included smoking, robbery and theft, destruction of property, and even murder. During his time in the gang, Singe would participate in every other act except killing. He could never bring himself to murder another person, and whenever the gang asked him why he always stood off to the side during a killing, Singe would chuckle and shrug and say, “Blood makes me queasy!”
During the first two years in the gang, Singe would occasionally overhear the other members discuss that something was very different up in the sky. None of them could ever figure out what it was, but after a while, Singe soon figured it out as he continued to watch the sky daily: the sun in the sky was chained. He couldn’t believe it—he never noticed it before. Singe cracked a mischievous fanged grin. He was certain he was a god!

Soon after Singe’s little discovery, the gang had made another killing. It was in a back alley, and Singe was off to the side again, leaning against the wall close to the front of the alley, while Mace and the other gang members were stealing money from the victim’s wallet. Mace noticed Singe’s non-participation and told him to make the finishing blow. Singe clenched his eyes in disgust and said he’d rather pass. The mongoose glared at the hedgehog and ordered him to do what he said, otherwise there’d be trouble. Singe scoffed, “Yeah right,” and Mace pulled out a knife and ordered the other gang members to hold the hedgehog steady. The others obliged and lunged at Singe. A fight ensued, and Singe managed to fight most of them off, until a larger member of the gang, a badger, managed to grab hold of Singe by his second quill in one hand and used the other to grip Singe’s hands and hold them behind his back. Singe struggled to get out of the large animal’s grasp as Mace made his way over, knife in hand. The hedgehog gritted his teeth and he trashed about as the knife was raised. Just as Mace aimed it over Singe’s left eye, the hedgehog kicked the mongoose between the legs. This made Mace lose his aim and Singe shut his eyes as the knife slashed through the air while Mace fell to the floor. The knife made a huge, deep gash around Singe’s eye, and the pain made the hedgehog send up a flare around him. The badger holding Singe in his grasp, let out a yell in response to the sudden flames, and he flung the hedgehog to the ground in anger.
Singe staggered to his feet, his vision red and blurry on the left side. Through the blood he could see Mace coming toward him and with a stumble the mongoose raised the blood soaked knife. Singe gave a crooked smile and lazily raised a hand and snapped his fingers. The hedgehog glowed a faint light, a blast of fire shooting towards Mace from his fingers, and Singe disappeared from view as Mace was knocked aside.

(Weapons) His pyrokinesis, himself, and pretty much anything he can pick up…
(Items) A pair of dark-blue tinted police sunglasses he stole from Clinton.

Vehicles: None at the moment, hoping to get him one soon though!

Last edited by Singe on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:06 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Didn't do a good job at explaining his voice.)

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Re: Singe - The Most Entertaining Delinquent

Post  Turbo on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:16 pm

Looks awesome~! I can tell you've put a lot of thought into this character. *thinks really hard for a moment*

Hmmm... the choice is up to you. If you wanna go into Mobius Prime (the Archie setting), you could be a merc, someone generally troublesome, or perhaps the object of Zonic's chase, considering you breached the Dimensional Barrier in some way... That would be in the RP Investigations...

Mobius Alpha, which is the STC realm, has two venues for you to choose from; you can either head to the docks and join up with Turbo, Super Sonic, Mange (and soon, Sonic) in rabble-rousing in Crack Team Up, which is a nice entry thread... oooor, you could also pop up on Floating Island and make some warring Echidnas really confused with the already open Rift in Watchers in the Jungle...

It would be difficult, but we could wedge you into Mobius Beta, in Look, It's a Sale~!, which has 5 players already, and so far is our biggest (player-wise) thread, but is also another good entry thread... It would mainly be reaction-based, though, since the battle looks like it's going to be Silver and Mephiles against Shadow, Sonic, and Tails, but it would give you a reason to follow either of the 'teams', perhaps even some comedy involving mistaken identity with Solaris?

Last but not least, and probably the best option for you, is making a Singe-centric thread in the AU. It would be a nice introductory role, get you accustomed to our forums, will likely be some nice one-on-one, and would allow venue into other threads and realms when it feels more convenient to you or to other accomodating players. *gives a high-five*

Back on your profile, though, I have to say that I looooove the concept of the dimension and your chara, particularly the nice retro themes~ <3 Maybe, if there's enough interest, we could have an arc where everyone goes to Turno, and you could have lots of fun describing all the settings and the people the charas would interact with. ^^ Cheers!

Turbo is the fastest!!!

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Re: Singe - The Most Entertaining Delinquent

Post  Singe on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:14 pm

He's approved? Yayness~! sunny I was worried that I'd have to fix some things, as well as him not be accepted because of the whole "too many hedgehogs hurr" deal ^^;
But I'm glad to see he passed with flying colors! X3

Now, about where to put him... hmmmm... they all sound great, actually! XD;; I'm torn between Prime and Alpha... but the whole "OMG ITS SOLARIS" thing is amusing too, lol, even though it would be a little difficult to do, like you said, so I guess I'll pick from Prime or Alpha.
Oh goodness... it's so hard to choose... ;^; EENY-MEENY-MINY--NO! I'm not going down that road! ... Never again... *shot*


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Re: Singe - The Most Entertaining Delinquent

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