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Wikia Entries

Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:35 pm by Turbo

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-Negative Egon
-Dr. Smoke

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Fan Character Role Call!!!

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Fan Character Role Call!!!

Post  Turbo on Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:35 pm

If you have a fan-character/original character (FC/OC) that you are using, please post their info, profile, stats, story, picture here, so that we're on the up-and-up for the storyline to continue! Very Happy

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Mange Blanket the Hezard

Post  Mange on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:07 pm

Name: Mange Blanket aka Mange the Hedgehog/Hezard

Age: 16

Species: Moebian Hedgehog/Chameleon

Birth Place: Dragon Kingdom of Moebius

Abilities: Cloaking, clinging, moderate to high speed, wicked teeth, poisonous body, sped healing, tongue

Appearance: Standing as tall as the average Moebian only standing out by the bright almost neon colored fur. Three main quills in his head, two curved in an almost jester like appearance. Lacking real fingers instead only three long, curved claws meant more for carnage then helping his fellow Moebian. Tail coiled in a more reptilian manner. Eyes a venomous yellow with lime green highlights. Teeth sharp and in some cases jagged to hold tight in a bite. The main front teeth covered in a thin but strong layer of metal to make his bite uncommonly vicious. Usually sporting a vest with abnormally long sleeves nearly the same color as his fur. A bright red V shaped over his heart. Green and black shoes complete his attire laced with metal and spikes.

Due to his long, lulling tongue he does have a speech impediment which is often the reason he rarely speaks. And even if he did, nothing good.

History/Bio: Born into a family that wanted nothing to do with him, a blasphemy and misplaced conception. Raised in a loving home when his egg was abandoned. Growing up around abusive siblings and witless parents. Years of mistreatment lead the hybrid to snap at a young age of 6. Mutilating his family before attempting to eliminate himself. Found in the ashes of his home and treated before he was bounced around from home to home causing as much pain and damage as he could while keeping up his while, shark-like smile. Admitted to a low rate, budgeted Asylum, mental ward for juveniles, where he was subjected to experiments that snapped what was left of his mind. Devoid of the usual emotions, except on rare occasions.

It was at the Asylum he met his closest companion and self proclaimed bodyguard Darrien.

After his mistaken release back into society it wasn't long before a cloaked figure appeared before the deranged Moebian and offered him a chance to get revenge on the one's who gave him his miserable life. Murdering Mange's last tie to the world before his eyes and informing the young, insane being to his true heritage. Given a gateway through the Zones to seek out and destroy...
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