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Wikia Entries

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Mobius Beta

Post  Turbo on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:26 pm

UPDATE FROM LAST FORUM: After the radioactive fallout of the first Robotropolis of Mobius Delta, which resulted in the total destruction of the world-zone, due to a catalyst in the city, the Overlander population, and a good deal of the Mobian population was preserved by a channel opening to the Mobius Beta hub, by a strangely masked individual who only went by the name of Zonic. The Robian population there, and the Robotnik both perished, as well as that world-zone's Sonic, who was his pet.

The diasporia eventually found a home in Soleanna, which was a haven for all forms of 'leftovers'. They have since then integrated into the society.

OTHERWISE: The Mobius Beta is Gameverse canon, with a few exceptions. The events of Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Unleashed existed, but probably in other zones. Sonic-Beta has encountered them, so they can still be brought up without harm. Sonic Advance series has not occurred 'yet', which is a change on the 'everything has happened', because of the nature of Silver's introduction, or rather, reintroduction, if any of you reading this are Yuki... (people of the Yuku forum, like Bass and Cecil)

While Sonic's tiff with Robotnik was serious at the start, Robotnik's focus moved from global dominance to the 'game', and Sonic relaxed. When the nicknames began, and when Robotnik changed his name to Eggman over such a nickname, it became clear that he was in no true danger, though collateral damage would, and would always be an issue. Eggman has a lack of concern for this, or for other people, and the fact that his reactions to Sonic is beyond toleration might be merely because the blue blur is the only one to offer a true challenge. Overcoming it would simply remove it, and there would be nothing else, so it seems the two are stuck... XD

Now... if only everyone else could see it like this!

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