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Wikia Entries

Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:35 pm by Turbo

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Who should be part of the Chalice?

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Mobius Alpha

Post  Turbo on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:59 pm

Sonic the Hedgehog has gone missing, called out to other zones, and whoever needs him, since he has been declared an outlaw, and a wanted man. The "freedom fighters" have been called to fill his void, with only Tails knowing that his current position is unbearably injust, and that the slander they had put on him was mislaid.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik is a very cracked egg, to the point of drooling and sewing up Sonic dolls to destroy. His assistant Grimer has now sided with the malevolent Metallix in schemes of world domination.

Sonic has been separated from his super side by a special filter that was supposed to erradicate the evil hedgehog from his system. While he was now 'permanently' freed of the hedgehog, he was unaware that Super was now free and able to wreak as much havoc as he desired.

Dr. Zachary has been recovering from a drastic team up with Vichama, the self-proclaimed God of Death, who actually delivered. Knuckles and Tikal are hot on his tail, to find the secrets of the lost generation, while the Chaotix team seeks any trace or possibility of bringing back the special zone.

Shadow has returned, apparently, to their dimension via the Digital realm. He has yet to find a way to fully return, as he is right now only pixels.

Turbo has also been freed of his imprisonment from yet another possessive master, and has now been thrust out into the wide galaxies in search of his home, Keldeza. Without any directions or map to guide him, he wandered aimlessly, until he found himself on Sonic's world, looking for the blue blur to help him find his home and family again.

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