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Old Chatbox Archives

Post  Turbo on Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:50 pm

[11:50:24 12/11/10] @ Turbo : Bon giorno, Jet~.

[12:02:53 12/11/10] Jet the Hawk : OH HI!.

[12:03:27 12/11/10] Jet the Hawk : ...Okay yeah we need a better chatroom...like one of those Xat doodads..

[08:10:28 14/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hmm, it is quiet..

[10:07:36 14/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hmm....

[14:12:16 14/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hmm, quiet again..

[21:18:53 15/11/10] Sonic the Hedgehog : SONIC IS IN DA HOUSE!!.

[23:56:17 23/11/10] @ Turbo : No one is on the chatbox, Blaze-mun....

[23:56:49 23/11/10] @ Turbo : I'll be editing the code on this soon.

[00:02:24 24/11/10] @ Turbo : Good day, good evening, and good night!.

[00:05:01 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : *torches with fire*.

[00:05:17 24/11/10] @ Turbo : FALCON PAWNCH.

[00:06:35 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : BRING IT!.

[00:07:55 24/11/10] @ Turbo : AH THINK AH WEEL.

[00:08:28 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : YOUR WORDS BEFUDDLE AND VEX ME!.

[22:26:25 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : ..

[22:29:11 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Jeeeet.

[22:29:13 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : jet jet jet.

[22:29:16 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : jeeeeeeet <3.

[22:29:18 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : FFFFFF.

[22:32:03 24/11/10] @ Turbo : Hey, y'all!!! .

[22:32:34 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : ..

[22:32:35 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : blergh.

[22:32:36 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : <3.

[22:33:10 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : ....Jaaackiiiie.

[22:33:13 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : jaaackieeeeee.

[22:33:13 24/11/10] @ Turbo : Mephi-boo~.

[22:33:18 24/11/10] @ Turbo : You're such a dear.

[22:33:19 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : ROFLMAO.

[22:33:23 24/11/10] @ Turbo : How did your day go?.

[22:33:24 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : hurhurhur.

[22:33:25 24/11/10] @ Turbo : NOOO.

[22:33:30 24/11/10] @ Turbo : DO-DO-DA-DO-DO.

[22:33:43 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : DO DO DO DOOOO....roflmao.

[22:34:10 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : x3.

[22:35:09 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : *rolls eyes*.

[22:35:30 24/11/10] @ Turbo : .

[22:35:31 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : *punts* you have no say here.

[22:36:55 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : *glares* Watch it, Mephiles....

[22:37:31 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Watch wut, I hate yer guts and wanna watch you burn~ do da do da do da.

[22:38:05 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hm, and I have the fire powers...wanna see who REALLY burns in a moment?.

[22:38:41 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I'm a god idiot xD I can freeze you, burn you, turn you into nothing if I really wanted to.

[22:39:08 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : although be funner to turn you into some big ugly...warty toad.

[22:39:27 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Forget this; I defeated you once, so I'm not stooping to your level. *turns away and thinks about other matters*.

[22:39:47 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : but to be honest I'm not talking about characters or IC, I'm in OOC and your a dumb idiot in real life, on the internet and you will die a horrible death.

[22:41:05 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Whatever you say, heartless one..

[22:41:21 24/11/10] @ Turbo : OOOH SNAAP.

[22:42:35 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : no seriously, idiot. I'm talking as the person who plays Mephi....your an idiot on MM, and idiot here...who I'll chase away and make sure you never come back x3...I secretly plan to have Mephiles or Traconian rape Amy on MM....Mephi can overdo that here....if you even make it here...IT IT IT IT...you IT hur hur.

[22:43:12 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I don't know what I did to make you act like this, but whatever; have fun acting like a monster..

[22:43:48 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : it's fun being a troll to people like you...children the age of 13, I troll you and make you cry..and make you run far far away from me, internet wise.

[22:44:19 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I'm not even close to 13, and I respect you, so I would appreciate the same in return..

[22:45:59 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : lawlz...then your a liar...little dirty pig, go snort up some other sonic rp site that doesn't have me around. So shoo shoo...I ain't letting you have a moments peace in this place....I never will....so why even try. Btw people told me already you're a 13 little idiot...if any older...hah...you must be a serious idiot to be any older 8D.

[22:47:13 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Seriously, shut up. You're making yourself look like a baby. I'm 19, and that's the honest-to-God truth. If you don't like, go to Hell. I do what I want and when I want, and I'm just trying to have fun. YOU'RE the idiot and the liar, so shut the hell up already and grow up, loser..

[22:49:18 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Baby towards you only to chase your dirty little frakin' hide elsewhere~ I don't want to rp with you and if I do, here or on MM, I'll god mod you to hell and force you away :3....I'm a proud troll idiot but not much of a liar..what I speak is truth. You are an IDIOT...you whine too much, flame too much...scream too much...get upset too easily and just not someone who should be near me. I'm going to make your life hell untill you leave this site in particular..

[22:49:33 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : now leave little b*****...leave leave leave~.

[22:51:00 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : For your information, I was asked to sign up by someone else, so if you don't like me here, deal with it. I'm not leaving. So I'm not perfect in your eyes; big deal. No one is perfect. What you're saying is rude and wrong, and I really can't stand how you talk. I'm not leaving, no matter how much you hurt me. You'll only be hurting yourself and YOU'LL be the one to leave..

[22:51:29 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : HAH lil f*** says your 15 on your profile...LIAR LIAR LIAR, go burn in a fire~!.

[22:52:45 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Yes, it says 15 because I put in Blaze's age; I thought that's what you were supposed to do..

[22:54:48 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : nor will I ever leave nor will I hurt myself~ I have learned to deal with you people in my own way and that is making you cry in IRL...find ways to destroy you even further~ <3 I have far too much fun fraking you up, why would I get hurt for my own fun? x3 You aren't an official user yet so you can be punted out like anyone else. Whiny Amy person, go on now. Leave, leave while you can before I mess you up.

[22:56:02 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Jackie is seeing how you're acting, you know, and she was the one who asked me to join. So, ask yourself one thing: if she trusts me and asked me to join and sees me as a nice person, like I see her, then what does that make you?.

[22:56:52 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Well, not anymore..

[22:57:10 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Darn lag..

[22:57:14 24/11/10] @ Turbo : Wh-what's going on?.

[22:57:28 24/11/10] @ Turbo : Not anymore?.

[22:57:34 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : lol.

[22:57:44 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : pfff I know Enerjak, idiot, IT.

[22:57:55 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : she just didn't know it was you in the first place ;P.

[22:57:56 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : By "not anymore", I meant that you had just left..

[22:58:24 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Uh, yeah, she did, Mephiles..

[22:59:19 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : don't care, you still aren't a full fledged member....~ and thus die.

[22:59:24 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : die die die~ <3.

[22:59:48 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Nah, but thanks..

[23:00:16 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : but seriously she didn't know it was you, dumbass.

[23:00:35 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : stop being a whiney twirp and backing up on every little lie~.

[23:00:47 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Yes, she did. She knew I played Amy; I talk with her all the time..

[23:00:58 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I never lie, so shut up and stop accusing me, right now..

[23:00:59 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : as I know how to weave around them and stab you in the heart, watch you squirm and whine.

[23:02:01 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : To be honest, you're just making me laugh; you're really funny. Is this supposed to be scary or make me cry?.

[23:02:51 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : if you say your laughing...you're actually crying and on the verge of spazzing out, idiot....also...Blaze is 14, not 15 idiot ;P if you knew anything about her you would know that.

[23:04:25 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Say whatever you want. I've been bullied 12 years from school, abused by four fathers, and even threatned to be thrown out into the streets with my mother by my own "family". Seriously, I've been through hell. Nothing you say can affect me, and that's the damn truth. Speaking OOC, listen to me. I am not what you think I am; I just play as well as I can in IC because I try to do my best. If I did anything to make myself seem like an idiot, I'm sorry. But, that is not me..

[23:07:38 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I don't give a s*** if you've been bullied for 12 years, abused, threatened to be thrown out....you're just making s*** up to whine to me which I can shove aside and shove you further into a shithole :3 I know what you are, I have dealt with your s*** in chat rooms as a moderator. I know what you try to play to win my trust and my love so you can go drama queen. Etc etc...nothing you do will make me think anything about you. You are dirt..no...not even dirt...but a pile of crap~ You're the idiot who still continuing this arguement and I'm sitting back spouting the regular BS I can make up, with a thought...on a whim.

[23:10:07 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Everything I said is the truth, right down to the last word. If you don't wanna believe me, then fine, don't. But, it's true, and I have no idea what you're talking about. Whatever I have done, it's been others who have done things wrong, too. It's not just me. Say what you want, but the only dirt and crap here is you. Those who dare to try and hurt others like this are filth and nothing more, and that's what you are. I'm nothing more than someone trying to have fun, and you're acting like a stuck-up jackass with no life. Leave me alone right now..

[23:15:00 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I'll just ask, for the heck of it. Jack, did you know that I played Amy on MM when you asked me to join this place?.

[23:15:21 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Enerjakieee is brb atm~.

[23:16:10 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I have a happy little life but that's left for the real world not the internet~ Only whinny lil f*** like you bring them onto the internet~ Little idiots...nothing more than an overflowed toilet of diarrhea! I'm having fun, and I don't like you, I don't want you around. I like being a stuck up jackass to you, only you....loving little f*** to everyone else~ But not you....never will to you.....

[23:17:43 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Your words are going in one ear and out the other; good luck with trying to make me die. I've had bullies worse than you who have tried to kill me in real life..

[23:19:04 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I dun give a s*** about real life, isn't that obvious enough? I'll kill you internet wise...drive you away from this place...then you are gone and I can toodle around the forum in mild peace knowing you were forced away with a hot iron shoved up your ass.

[23:20:12 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Do you honestly think that you can just act like a fool to me and no one will take notice? Think of it...I'm not doing a single thing wrong, and you're doing things to obviously upset me. Don't you think you'll...oh, I don't know...get in trouble?.

[23:21:18 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : nupe~ I hear the cackling laughter over skype of people who rp here....they all know what a dumbass you are...and you have no love, none at all...only I express that and shove my hot iron further up your ass.

[23:22:26 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Why would they think that? I don't even go on Skype! So, you're a liar right there. Nice try..

[23:23:44 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : whoever said YOU had to have skype!? Idiot~ I have skype...Enerjak has Skype...and a few others....they are in constant update on this awesomeness and laugh~.

[23:24:27 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Yeah, not buying it. Why would they laugh when I don't do anything wrong? Sorry, but you can't get in my head; keep trying..

[23:25:35 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : cuz I am the loved one, you are the hated one idiot.

[23:26:23 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hmm...so, they hate someone they don't even know? And they love a moron like you? That doesn't make much sense at all..

[23:27:00 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Because I'm not a moron when I actually like the person...but when I find a drama queen like you I go into troll mode.

[23:28:34 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I'm NOT a drama queen. I told you already that I was doing everything before as Amy. If you wanted me to be normal over there, why not say something like (Hey, could you please speak OOC) or something like that? All I did was try and do what I thought was right; can you really blame me for that?.

[23:30:38 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : lulz, people asked you then you went into dumb emo mode, DRAMA QUEEEEEEN....seriously you are dumb, idiot, retarded xD...if you thought it was right....seriously wtf...WTF...were you thinking? Only the maturity of a 13 year old would think of s*** like that...or a 19 year old with the maturity and mind of a 13 year odl.

[23:32:21 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I repeat, I was playing as Amy. What was I SUPPOSED to think? It's a website where you have to play a Sonic character. Is it really wrong to want to be that character all the time on there? What's the point of having a character if you're not? Like you said, you can always talk in AIM or other places if you want to talk OOC; on the site, shouldn't it just be for characters?.

[23:36:03 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : no, sites aren't just for characters...wtf is with you. Idiocy is all I can say there. Particularly when I have you blocked on Aim...and ain't letting you on any other location I lurk around on. Only in RP are you in IC...that's where IC is meant to be...OOC...rooms, forums, whatever is for the player itself talking, not the character. How dumb do you have to be not to realize the difference? Only a kid, 13 year old KID, CHILD, would make that idiot mistake.

[23:37:50 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Well, forgive me for trying to do a good job of being my character. And, for your information, Bunnie was alwyas IC, Antoine was alwyas IC, and so was Scourge! So, I wasn't the only one. So, I'm sorry for alwyas being IC then; I'm not now, am I?.

[23:41:56 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : you went IC to the wrong extent...and they never did...you didn't stop when they did...then you started stalking Shade...that's the main thing that makes me troll you....you are a stalker, meant to be slaughtered internet wise and deserve the presumed tortures the real world has given you....and hope you go to hell too .

[23:42:44 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I'm not a stalker. Would you please let me tell my side of the story before you just make assumptions?.

[23:43:59 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : No cuz there is no 'your side' there is only the fact you were stalking her and it was obvious on MM...>.>.

[23:44:51 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : That's not true; you do not know the half of it..

[23:46:34 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : uh huh, you were stalking her and that is all of it >.> whatever else could it be...always asking for Shade...proclaiming you loved her and all that s***. Looking for her on both shout boxes...asking if she was online...>>.

[23:50:45 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Here's what really happened. Shade and me (as Amy, naturally) liked each other and soon got into a "relationship" (Amy and Shade, not us). However, when Fiona joined, "Amy" played with her and hugged her and hung out with her (since I, myself, have always liked Fiona and wanted to be friends). Shade, however, thought that it was "cheating", so she got mad and "lost her trust in Amy", even though she never even told me that she was hurt by it. So, that fateful night, I (as Amy) went and talked with her, and she kept saying "uh..." like every sentence, so I asked her what was wrong and if she didn't like me. She (as Shade) told me that she lost her trust in me (Amy) for what I apparently did with Fiona, which I don't think was anything! I kept apologizing and asking what I could do to make up for it, but she just kept saying "figure it out yourself" and "I can't tell you" and "you might just make me walk out". So, I thought a public declaration of my (Amy's) love for her would help..

[23:51:32 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : So, Amy went on the chat box and told Fiona that she was just friends and that she loved Shade. Fiona, naturally, was very nice about it, but Shade just lost it and told me that I annoyed her, embarrassed her and angered her. So, she called that stalking, and then she blocked me on AIM! I mean, what did I do wrong? Couldn't she had just told me OOC to not do something? I mean, yes, when we talk with each other, we're in IC! How do I know that? Because after I posted my comment on the chat box, she used parentheses to talk OOC! So, couldn't she have just done that to me if she wanted to talk OOC? So I feel that everything that went on was Amy and Shade, because no OOC occurred.Shade could've said something about it in another way rather than yelling about it and saying cryptic things I didn't understand. Like she could've said (Okay, stop speaking Amy for a moment and listen to me) or (Hey, real person to real person now, okay?) or something!.

[23:52:34 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : So, once again I was mainly just being IC, since Shade DID say she loved Amy (on AIM) while we talked, so it was just a misunderstanding..

[23:56:42 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : it's just your idiocy that didn't realize it wasn't acutally in character >.> and it is still stalking, you want into stalking her around it was good for her to block you out. IC or NOT you should know well enough not to say that kinda crap unless it was actually joking and in the shoutbox on MM it wasn't joking but serious >>. With how you are...your mental dumbness you are just like Amy, stupid, obsessive and a drama queen. Nothing you say will decieve me and make it obvious you were stalking her, beginning to stalk her >>.

[23:57:45 24/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I was NOT stalking her! I swear to God I am NOT like that! I swear it! Stop accusing me of this crap, it's getitng old!.

[23:58:41 24/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I wont >> because stalkers deny everything to get away with it more..just how it works and you have none of my trust, love...only my trollish love.

[00:00:04 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Please, I obviously made a mistake and...okay, fine, I was an idiot. There, happy? But I'm sorry for that and want to do the right thing now. We learn from our mistakes, and I now know not to be IC all the time. I apologize to you and everyone else. I just want to put this all behind me..

[00:01:44 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Step in the right direction just to announce you are an idiot now keep going and leave >> I don't want you around here, I wont ever...never forgive you or accept your apology. I told you already via aim before I blocked you.

[00:04:08 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Why should I leave? Are you really so cold-hearted that you don't want people to have a second chance? If that's so, then why are you even alive? What kind of world do you live in where you can't give people another chance? I'm not here to cause trouble; I'm just trying to have fun. Jackie asked me to join, and I did..

[00:07:35 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I don't give people like you a second chance as I have learned it does not matter >> how many chances you get you all make the same dumb mistakes...to the point you just shove them aside and block them...I go the extra step and drive them away >> It isn't most of my world only my darker portion seeing it's the best way to force you sort of people out of my life, internet and outside of it.

[00:09:19 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I'm not like the others you might've dealt with. I swear I'm not. If you give me another chance, I can prove that I'm honestly fun to be around and is someone who would make a good friend. I have a ton of friends and I love my life, despite the hardships. I learn from my mistakes; I promise it won't happen again..

[00:13:06 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I'm not going to give you another chance, get that through your head. I don't want to be the friend of a liar, someone who gets as whiney as you are. I suspect you wont learn from your mistakes >> like all the others who claim they do.

[00:16:05 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : I'm not a liar! What can't you get about that? I'm NOT a liar! Everything I have said is the truth! And I'm not whiney; that was just my character again. Mephiles, you only know the Amy part of me...which, obviously, is why you're doing all this. But, be honest; as Blaze right now, and speaking normally, do I really seem all that different from Jackie or anyone else? I DO learn from my mistakes; I swear on my life that I do. All I ask is you give me one more chance to prove it. How about a deal? You give me a second chance. If I fail, then I promise to leave. If I don't, then you...be nicer?.

[00:24:58 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I'll only accept for the fact it's enticing that you'll leave >.> leave SS....or MM...or both, tell me now. But to be honest I am dreading your understanding of Blaze seeing I read your character thing and you really don't understand her any....and I absolutely hate the way you've played out Amy >> she is more like Rosy Rascal than Amy, unblocked on aim for the time being....but anything you do wrong and I will tell you 'you have lost' and this deal of yours is one I have won >> and proven my point.

[00:27:52 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Thank you, Mephiles. You won't regret it. And, yes, I realize that my post was...lacking. That's what I've been doing all this time while talking to you; I've been trying to fine-tune it. I was tired last night and wasn't thinking clearly in some of the things I wrote. But, I'm going to make it better and do what it takes to play Blaze correctly, not at all like how I did Amy..

[00:31:20 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : >> you better not make me regret it or I'll come down on you tenfold what I have been....even normal person my temper is reared up quickly and I hold grudges >> and when you lose to this deal there isn't any other way to try and get my trust. You still don't have it and might never.

[00:33:05 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Yes, I understand that. I know I have work to do to prove myself, and I'm willing to do just that. Right now, my focus is on making myself play the best Blaze I can..

[00:34:21 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : good >> and I was not lying that we are laughing at this on skype. Moi, Enerjak, n another have been chatting for the last...4 hours...nearing to 5 now. Audio chat.

[00:36:46 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Is that right? Well, if they find this funny, that's fine; you're allowed to laugh at whatever you want. I'm downloading Skype myself right now; it seems like another nice place to talk with people...if only my interent wasn't so slow..

[00:39:20 25/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : ....

[01:39:44 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : ..

[01:54:11 25/11/10] Blaze the Cat : /.

[01:22:52 27/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *loves you all*.

[01:53:26 27/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *lurks*.

[07:58:20 27/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *lurks some more*.

[23:04:02 27/11/10] @ Turbo : Love you too, Spectre~!!!!.

[23:50:33 27/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : <3.

[22:23:01 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : MY LOVE!.

[22:23:04 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Hello Spectah~.

[22:23:09 28/11/10] @ Turbo : <33333.

[22:23:16 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Hewwo, Turboooo :3.

[22:23:23 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : <3.

[22:23:32 28/11/10] @ Turbo : <3333.

[22:23:37 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Love yooooou~.

[22:23:46 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Mmm, yes. Your looking so orange tonight! >:3.

[22:25:38 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : om nom nom.

[22:31:28 28/11/10] @ Turbo : ... o_-;;.

[22:32:02 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I am a weirdo, yes. owo;;.

[22:32:23 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : OwO; Speaking of Weirdo... He doesnt log in here much, does he?.

[22:33:13 28/11/10] @ Turbo : I don't believe so.

[22:33:17 28/11/10] @ Turbo : But he will soon.

[22:33:45 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : :3.

[22:33:49 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : So how was your day? <3.

[22:34:56 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Day was okay~!!!.

[22:35:52 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : .

[22:36:04 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I woke up late. Around 10..ish...

[22:36:30 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Then I prcedded to lurk these forums..

[22:36:35 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *hides in the shadows*.

[22:38:17 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Me too~.

[22:38:26 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Woke up late.

[22:38:38 28/11/10] @ Turbo : But was cleaning room, hanging posters, doing homework.

[22:39:37 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : The first and last sound boring!.

[22:39:39 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : O:.

[22:39:46 28/11/10] @ Turbo : XD.

[22:39:55 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Had to clean room to hang the posters~.

[22:40:04 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Have to do homework so I do not die..

[22:41:06 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I dont want you to die!.

[22:41:09 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I would be sad face D:.

[22:42:37 28/11/10] @ Turbo : XD.

[22:44:30 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : omg.

[22:44:40 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : The Archiness topic! Go go go!.

[22:44:51 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I need to draw a reply to that, like, now..

[22:44:54 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : <3 omg.

[22:48:41 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Trying to take pictures of my comic art board....

[22:48:51 28/11/10] @ Turbo : But it donna want to take clear photo.

[22:48:54 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Too big.

[22:48:59 28/11/10] @ Turbo : So I took some pictures.

[22:49:04 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : O:.

[22:49:16 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : oooo.

[22:50:22 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Putting them up.

[22:50:26 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Sending to you.

[22:50:30 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : ^w^.

[22:54:12 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Oh hai~.

[22:55:03 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hello there..

[22:55:19 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : X3.

[22:57:34 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Spectre, just be a moment~.

[22:57:52 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : K~.

[23:01:59 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hmm.

[23:02:30 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Sending now~.

[23:14:18 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Spectre~.

[23:14:32 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Turbo <3.

[23:16:01 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : ..

[23:26:02 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Spectrrrrrre~ <3.

[23:26:23 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Tuuuurbo!.

[23:28:55 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Cheese..

[23:29:02 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : crackers~.

[23:29:48 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Jello..

[23:30:01 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Pudding~.

[23:30:17 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Chicken..

[23:30:20 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Fingers~.

[23:31:11 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Turkey..

[23:31:17 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Um...

[23:31:22 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : sandwich!!!.

[23:32:28 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Skittles..

[23:33:06 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : TASTE THE RAINBOW!!.

[23:33:27 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : ...you're not bad, Spectre..

[23:33:32 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : :3.

[23:33:40 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *bows* Thank you~.

[23:33:52 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : It's nice to meet you..

[23:34:05 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : You know me :3.

[23:34:14 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Yeeep.

[23:34:19 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Or maybe not.

[23:34:28 28/11/10] @ Turbo : Blaze is recent, after all....

[23:34:51 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : OwO.

[23:35:00 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Does MarillMatey ring a bell? O3O.

[23:35:05 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Marillbunny~.

[23:35:11 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Jet-Mun~.

[23:35:32 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Oh...in that case, I DO know you..

[23:35:45 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Yup. Hello, Josh. =P.

[23:37:39 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hello, Marill girl.

[23:37:40 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Brb. Going to sneak downstairs and scan another sketch for that Archieness thread~ XP.

[23:38:58 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : You do that. I'll hang with Turbo..

[23:41:00 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Back! I AM ALIVE!.

[23:41:29 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Good to hear..

[23:42:40 28/11/10] @ Turbo : *snuggles*.

[23:42:50 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *cuddles*.

[23:45:44 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : *hugs both girls*.

[23:47:38 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Yay, hugs!.

[23:49:59 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hugs make everyone happy..

[23:50:10 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Hello, Mephi..

[23:50:27 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Mephiii!.

[23:50:27 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : <3.

[23:50:50 28/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Mawiiill~ <3.

[23:51:49 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *goes to post another sketch in the Archieness thead*.

[23:51:52 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : thread*.

[23:51:55 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : typos are mean :3.

[23:52:35 28/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : lol.

[23:52:36 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Indeed..

[23:52:47 28/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : I should sketch something...but I'm trying to draw Asura.

[23:54:01 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : *posts*.

[23:54:03 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : :3.

[23:57:04 28/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Spectre is so cute XD.

[23:57:32 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : .

[23:57:34 28/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : but cannot beat Trac >D.

[23:57:40 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Hug teh Spec-Spec?.

[23:57:45 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : owo.

[23:57:52 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Well, all characters are cute in their own ways..

[23:58:04 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Hmmm, yes~.

[23:58:16 28/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : ESPECIALLY SPECTRE! *shot*.

[23:58:38 28/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : pfffff XD.

[23:59:06 28/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Well, I could agree with that..

[00:00:12 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I'm cute and cuddly. And wear Dark Robes. Ooo..

[00:00:30 29/11/10] Blaze the Cat : Very nice..

[00:00:30 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : Dimitri-Enerjak wins all though.....Enoooossss Kawaaiiiiiii.

[00:00:31 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Speaking of Dark Robes... The Dark Legion has awesome taste in uniform....

[00:01:26 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : And Dimitri is indeed epic. *Shot again*.

[00:01:41 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : little head in bubble <3.

[00:02:29 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I like it the most when hes still Enerjak..

[00:02:43 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Distant Uncle is extremely sexy! *shot a third time*.

[00:03:08 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : yea....he was the more ruthless Enerjak than what Knux turned into lol.

[00:03:29 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : I love ruthless! O:.

[00:03:41 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : sexiness~!! <3.

[00:03:45 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Its se- NOO! I DONT WANNA BE SHOT AGIN!.

[00:04:09 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : SEXIEEEEEE <3.

[00:04:20 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Indeed o3o.

[00:04:55 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : sure hope Lien-da dies for shoving poor Dimitri into a box Ox.

[00:05:15 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : D: I was angry at her for that..

[00:05:24 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : then she blew up :3.

[00:05:38 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : she must die though....

[00:05:39 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : xD.

[00:05:43 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : BOOM! O:.

[00:05:56 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : die die again and again.

[00:06:04 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : <3.

[00:06:40 29/11/10] Mephiles the Dark : going to bed now, need to stop staying up so late....night Jeeeeeeet...jet jet jeeet <3.

[00:06:41 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : What was the name of that seme uke ocmbo?.

[00:06:53 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : owo nyuu.

[00:08:15 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : Well I'm ganna go to sleep now~.

[00:08:19 29/11/10] Spectre the Echidna : :3 Goodnight.

[00:11:21 22/02/11] Jet the Hawk : Fffff, I'M NOT DEAD, GUYS!.

[00:11:33 22/02/11] Jet the Hawk : Just figured I should say that..

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