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Wikia Entries

Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:35 pm by Turbo

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Rules of the AU

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Rules of the AU

Post  Turbo on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:52 pm

This new portal has opened. What happens here is valid, but for the moment, does not affect anything that occurs in the Canon Multiverse (heretoafter referred to as CM). In the AU, 2 universes each are paired up randomly, giving a fresh, somewhat crossover feel to it. Characters that would not normally be able to interact, say, Techno the Canary and Sonia, would be able to do so in here.

You can actually open your own threads first, so long as you tell an admin what it's about. While still story-driven, it means that I don't have to start off every thread for you with the settings and openings. Heed the forum rules, which still apply to this (still mainstream play, not like the outside rp threads below this forum), and remember that unless otherwise specified by admin, if you are opening a new thread here, it should have 2 or more characters beside yourself - or the intent or opportunity for more characters to join in!

Another factor of the AU is the character play... Since it is slightly different than the CM, you can play as characters that you do not 'officially' play, and who will not show up in your official character count. This could expand your playing field, or give you access to the character of your preferrence, which you had not previously been able to play. One word of attention, though. If that character is already being played in the CM, then you will need the player's permission to use that character in the AU. Below is a list with character permissions or alternate characters.

This should be a fun place to sharpen character control, practice for new-comer rp'ers, and have strange-play with characters from other worlds. ^^ Have at it~!

Myles - Playing Knuckles in the AU Mobius with permission from Knuckles
Turbo - Playing Dr. Zachary in the AU Mobius with permission from Myles

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