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My OC: Traconian~

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My OC: Traconian~

Post  Mephiles the Dark on Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:53 am

Alias: Simply Mephiles or Mephi-mun here

Gender: Womaaaaan

Is romance, yuri or yaoi RP in side RP okay? Specify: Not much for Yuri but YAOI is awesomeness all in itself~

How/when to contact you: dun really like being talked to by people I dunno or don't like, just get Enerjak/Turbo to make me talk 8D *nudges person*

Anything the admins/other members should know?: uhmmm I tend to abbreviate things when I talk OOC :3 and sound maybe a lil retarded/cute....also I am beyond aggressive if I figure out your one of those mentally r-tarded people who don't learn 8D just my way of making sure you never bother me ever ever again

Sample post: Just check the forums I have rped in, I play Mephi... http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/soleanna-f26/awakening-darkness-t9.htm this thread is of my main awesomeness, plz n thankyou~!!

Section II - Your Character


Name: Traconian Alexander Akimoto (Tray-cone-ian)

Nicknames/Alias: Trac, Tracky, Traco

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthplace*: Delta 7 (planet)

Residence*: Arithiel (planet), Mother (city)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, work for hire, guardian of the holy city

Marital Status: Married/Widowed

Species: Demon/Black Hyena

Appearance: Image is -> http://traconian.deviantart.com/art/Update-Traconian-Sheet-186770999?q=sort%3Atime+gallery%3Atraconian&qo=0

Mental Attributes

IQ (or approximate range, a #): 107

Intelligence (book smarts vs. street smarts, education): street smarts/wilderness

Learned Abilities:

Shadow shift - Disappear into a shadow and pass into other rooms, through objects. Used as a means of travel as well as cloaking with a mist of darkness/smoke.

Energy Ball: conjure a ball of raw power capable of being cast out as a beam or as an explosive ball of energy.

Shape Shift: Shift into an anthro disguise or phase back into demon form

Elemental control(depends on clan origin): Minor control over base element. Traconian's case - Fire and darkness

Darkness control: Summons up a thick black slime which can be melded into any shape, normally used as a poor shield, trap prey, or to impale foes. Greatly weakens the controller.

All of his powers are used at caution and are greatly inhibited by his chronic illness, which flares up upon dark magic use. It is not uncommon for him, during battle to cough up blood or falter to pain, even if no injury is present. Using his magic diverts it from caring for his internal organs which are ravaged by the parasite and leaves him vulnerable internally. The use of his magic has it’s risks and he cannot risk getting too weakened or death will quickly follow.

Driving: doesn't know how

Computers: never uses them xD

Critical thinking: He is quick to understand situations...but may confuse them with personal experiences

Mental Weaknesses/Ailments: Mentally hardy but physically weakened by a chronic parasitic illness.

Cruentus, derived from a highly contagious parasite created by a ruthless dictator and scientist. It’s symptoms are described as attacks of harsh burning in the chest, difficulty breathing, stabbing pains in the adombinal region. Vomiting of blood. It’s effects are a constant, attacks are once or twice a week and can be triggered by stress, other ailments, or in Traconian’s case magic use.
Cruentus decapitates it’s hosts from the inside out, attacks the hosts liver, stomach, pancreas, and digestive tract first. Then it is passed into the nervous system where it then kills most of it’s victims. Any who survive with it are those with the internal magic power to keep it from spreading beyond the digestive systems, resulting in the monthly to weekly vomiting fits. Their body’s way of fighting against the infection by expelling it out. Cruentus has no cure.

Sanity (in percentage: i.e. Tails is 95% sane): 50-50....he is sane, but partially. He is still a feral wild animal, born in the wild then tamed enough so he could speak and think on his own without relying too much on his instincts. But instincts still scream louder than his mind at times.

Physical Attributes

Height (cm, or ft, in): 5'4"

Weight (lb, please, no stone): *has never thought of this*...uhm....150...?

Voice (how do they sound? Any verbal tics?): He has a slight accent but sometimes it is passed by without recognition, slightly deep voice but still not too deep. Dark but not really. A mix...


Posture (on average, how do they carry themselves?): He has poor posture, back is usually hunched and in some situations walks on hands and legs....only in some situations

Stamina: He can run solid for 10 mins....but it's only from the aid of his wings which allows him some lift, without he would tire within the 4 min mark to a slow trot.

Hearing: Exceptional...but nothing special. Only slightly more tuned than a human's but not too much difference, eyesight and somewhat in scent are the senses he focuses on

Climbing: His home world is mainly of rocky terrains and mountains, he is more built to climb with curved claws on both anthro and demon form

Speed: 40 mph (that of a Hyena)

Strength: He uses mometum mostly with his punches but relys on the sharpness of his claws and canines to beat his opponents. Not too physically strong, an echidna can still take him down but not without a good fight

Swimming: He can't swim XD; he has some fear of water for being a fire based demon

Martial arts: Highly skilled in martial arts as it is mainly for mometum attacks...well mostly. Has helped him learn more about his center of gravity and helped in his fighting skill and ability.


Physical Weaknesses: Water, can be brought down with any other weapon. But fire based weaponry has no immediate effect on him

Physical Ailments: Alcoholic and a tendancy to harm himself

Any skills specifically lacking: he has poor skills with people

Basic Attacks/Skills and Limitations: simple formations of fire and black ooze, spheres being the basic shape for any sort of attack. But still draw off power from his body but don't harm him as much as larger attacks. Then he also uses his claws, particularly the raptor like ones on the back within his demon form. Summoning up his sword is also another power he possesses, where it rises up from a blob of black goop.

Special Attacks/Abilities and Limitations: Large masses of black ooze and fire, to blasts of concentrated energy which take up most of his strength and damage his insides more...which makes him less likely to attempt large attacks such as these. He also can phase into the ground and vanish....only to appear elsewhere, which also takes up quite a bit of his power mainly from concentration. The stress is unbearable to his mind and thus to his own powers. He also has minute control of water, only used to make fog banks or droplets the size of quarters....which do no real damage.
Insanity is a state of where any control of his powers is lost and they take the shape of black ooze over his body, extended out of his back in large tendrils while in a worm like substance remains covered over almost his entire form. This state also slowly kills him and tears apart his body.

Emotional Attributes

Myers-Briggs type*: irrational?

Alignment (hero/neutral/villain, or in-between): neutral

Personality: Pessimistic to the end, hot headed, foul mouthed, odd sense of humor. Not the greatest person to befriend. Even when befriended he remains short tempered and foul. Only more loyal and protective, in some cases loving.
Over his hot headedness he has a quiet nature also, not much of a thinker but is greatly curious of anything. Can have random spouts of playfulness that merely comes from his pup status and originates from a pack based species.
Being partially feral, not fully tamed his actions may come quick and at random. Uncertain things could trigger a deadly reaction from him or calm him within an instant.

Likes: warm, quiet, forest/nature, lewd subjects

Dislikes: cold, water, loud noises, cities,


Fears: water, loss, loneliness

Hobbies & Talents: mostly a travellor...not many hobbies or talents

Family and Friends: Kex - brother Jake, Draco, Archie, Ketta, Reiuu, Naz - friends

Rivals: Jake and Draco

Enemies: Kex

Character History/Back Story (at least two paragraphs; please consider the canon of the Sonic universe for which you are applying):

Born upon Delta 7, a planet that orbit’s a large gas planet near a orbital ring. Only to be taken by a cult of reapers and a dragon, without his parent's consent. Raised within a foster hope till the age of 5 where they were slaughtered by command of the dictator, whom was his brother. To end his own life before he is capable of fighting back against Kex‘s rule. After living another two years lost within the great forests he is taken in by another family, a group of hunters and hands for hire. Where he works for odd jobs, silently waiting to strike out against his older brother. In these odd jobs however has found himself....trapped, sent off to another world. Through a random job where he had to collect a set of artifacts for a museum. Posts that held a star design on the round bulge at the top. Unsure of how it had activated...only now he was trapped in an alien world filled with alien like creatures....his newest job now is to find a way out and home, figure out the do's and dont's within the world. The enemies...the allies. Who he can trust or should be weary of. To the simplest of things of what he could eat and couldn't....
In the mean time...he was pondering on the question....

Items/Weapons: Sword

Vehicles: none
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Re: My OC: Traconian~

Post  Knuckles the Echidna on Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:07 pm

Oooh, Mephiles-mun~!!! *waves at*

I'm just as partial as Jackie because you're the first guy- correct that: chick that I rp'd with here in this new forum~ And I really like your style.

Lesse. You're already signed up as Mephi/Iblis/Solaris. We could count that as three canon characters right off from the start. Combined with your writing experience (*has been noted with previous forum info*) and so, I don't see a problem with giving you an FC, so long as Jackie's okay with it.

On to the character, and I'll try not to be painful. ^^;

Name is a mouthful. Like it, rolls off like something you want to say a lot, but I'm not sure how to pronounce all of it. Is he Japanese? I don't know where the middle name Alex comes in then. Maybe he's multi-national? Do we refer to this character by first name, last name, middle initial, or one of the nicknames? ^^;

You say he's 24... married/divorced, so he's in his second marriage? That seems a little young, but I won't bash since I've heard it happen...

FC from another world now... you'll have to play the character without any knowledge whatsoever of Mobian life and culture... Just a little more difficult, but a nice take~

Love the species. Different than normal. *soooo happy is not a hedghog fc, you have no idea* The issue I'm seeing, and I don't know even if it is one, is that he seems... really... alien to the build of either Overlander/human, or Mobian. Maybe the other-planet thing is alright, but he seems out of place.

With that criticism out in the open, and mind, I'm trying not to bash, the physical and mental attributes seem to be well and evenly balanced. Awesome~ More unstable than Knux, great, great~ I really like your disease. XD Does it make him cranky like a certain someone's ulcer? XDDD Okay, uncalled for, and I'm probably gonna be hurt for that...

I think alcohol references were a no-no, but you can go right on and hurt yourself on here, so long as you don't pull a noose, needle, or gun, hun~ ^^

Your character's personality is rich and complex, but we don't want him to overshadow Shadow (*heh*), so don't make him too dark or grim. If he's going to be in the Sonic Universe(s), y'got to remember that it's mainly yippy-skippy, colourful, and childish. ^^ S'not Watchmen, after all.

Is this character requiring going home a lot? Would SS have to add a zone or dimension? Would you want any of the other characters mentioned to be played by someone else? Because if not, I don't think you even have to worry about the friends, etc, if he's starting over. ^^

Last question, and this could be like a Sonic-Rings thing, but where does he keep that sword? XD

Doesn't seem like a shoulder-demon. Knux better run~ ^^
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Re: My OC: Traconian~

Post  Mephiles the Dark on Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:16 pm

His name is pronounced Tray-cone-ian lol and his middle and last name were made up on a whim mainly cuz I absolutely love them, not really based on any sort of language only cuz I liked the sound of it and it sort of stuck. But he can just be called Trac for those who know him, friends call him either Trac or Tracky

But I'm gunna say this first, he isn't based on anything in the sonic universe, he is of my own world and story line now lost in this world from his own brother's cause. Kex. His world is greatly different from Sonic's, magic based and filled with far worse dangers and to be honest isn't a 'happy, kiddy' place XD

But I wasn't sure what to do with the alcohol thing and thought it would be good to put it up there seeing it's a weakness, he wont be doing any needle drugs...he has a slight fear of those 8D;

his marriage thing, he was married but his lover died from a religious fanatic group, sacrifice before attempting to kill Trac where they failed and thus killed themselves...but that wont be brought up much in any sort of story line if that isn't needed. Only shows how much darker his world is and dwelling in chaos and disease

Aaaand I really don't think this forum is really all that yippy-skippy rich XD which is why I'm bringing Trac in.....and why I also play Mephiles who is dark and...psychotic. I made Silver go crazy already using the demi god. Also I've never watched watchmen...so I dunno what to think about that O.o

and it would be...very...very unadvisable to link my story line world with mobius...everyone would die >.>;

uhm....never played Sonic rings Owo;....and the sword he summons with his own power, which is for Sonic's verse, dark chaos.....aka black magic in his world.

Knux wont be too bothered XD Trac is an odd char to play and a little hard to describe...from aggressive to curious...to friendly...ish
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Re: My OC: Traconian~

Post  Turbo on Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:36 pm

Here, I'm going to be harsh-ish for the voice of certain forum mateyz here. The complaints that I've heard are that he's overpowered, he's not just a demon or just a hyena, his powers/maneuvers are too diversified, etc, etc.

The problem, I'm thinking, might not be that he's so 'strong' of a character. You've given him such a rich history, and a lot of thought, but so much from the point of separation that it feels stranger to merge the two factions. For creators who are truly passionate about their characters, budging an inch in character design or in backstory feels like one inch too far, and then its not yours anymore. That could rile some feathers...

So, instead of asking you to rewrite his history and all that, take an alternate splice. You know the character intimately, and his history on World A. Any time on Mobius/other dimension wouldn't ever factor into your plot for his stories. Assuming so, then you're already creating a 'fan fiction' time period, a period that does not exist to your universe and history, and would not ultimately affect SS positively or negatively, whether Trac intends to leave or stay.

You chose to introduce Trac at a certain age, with a certain set of abilities, knowledge, history, duties, and limitations. Its at these that I hear the complaints on. In interests of keeping peace and making this the most fun to play for all parties, why not approach it from a different angle? The SS storyline doesn't affect the way he's going to grow up, to become the Trac that you presented us with, so why not turn back time a bit, to a younger Trac of... 16 or 18? A point where he might not have his full list of abilites, or if so, have less of the control that it appears he has... Who might not have such a huge feud with this brother of his, and might not guard a tree, and so forth. At such an age, he could still be in the dating age, or in training... Add in the confusion of a new dimension with a vastly different culture and lifestyle, and he might not have so secure a grip on the situation...

Just a thought... ^^;;

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Re: My OC: Traconian~

Post  Mephiles the Dark on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:08 pm

I will compromise with powers, he doesn't have to have as much control over darkness....plus his control over water is to minute droplets...size of quarters...he only uses them as simple play and entertainment for friends. He cannot control it to fight...and never will. Water is far too...way too hard to control. His use of fire slightly heats the air and removes water particles that's always in the air...and the use of his darkness cools it again to form it into water droplets....that is all

Even then during battle he does not focus on his powers....a blast of fire to momentarily stun someone(or to start a fire at night) or a sluggish wall of black goop that lasts a few seconds at best while he goes in for his real attacks. He is a hand to hand or a weapon based fighter. He uses the environment, mainly because he's feral. Also because...just to drive this into the minds of everyone on this forum...his powers KILL him. He can die and they weaken him to extents where he cannot even move. A blast of fire brings up excruciating pain in his gut, a wall of black gloop only injures him further. The infection in his system is very...very dangerous and kills within mere minutes....and I already stated up in my profile that the illness greatly inhibits him :/ so I already have in place compromises from Trac's actual character. Even with his age he still has some minor control problems with his powers. So I'm not going to budge his character all that much as he's been developed over years and years....and the strange goes with with other things. People tend to just be too scared to even try and give it a shot.
You all think he's too powerful....I drove Silver insane in the first few posts with Mephiles, seriously people XD...if you think Trac is too powerful...whatever do you think about Sonic who runs at the speed of sound without tiring within seconds....and then there's Mephi...psycho demi god bent on destruction who can create literally anything from black ooze.....and shoots layzurz from his hand 8D

Also his age is not being changed XD and nor is his background....'guardian' may tip all of you off to thinking 'amg he protects the mastur emerald' but no, he's forced into semi-helping an elven race on his world to protect a god....and semi because they poke and prod him cuz he's a demon and need answers about his species in fighting against his crazed dictator brother on his own world. His own world isn't going to be apart of this forum...or then there'll be real serious problems going around.

Also..his powers he has more loss of control because he's not on his home world which is richer in magic than mobius is...and mobius is run by chaos energies and not the basic magics on his own world. So it makes it even harder for him to control and focus more on the use of his claws, teeth and sword....predatory instincts. Only in times of battle. This lack of control also has him calmer than he might be back home. Calmer = less likely to try and kill you

Aaaand the list of powers are things he can do....but it is very HARD for him to perform them....and thus is still learning to control. Being on mobius does not help on the matter.

Also he would also even at the age of....80...would be completely lost on Mobius...thinking 'Whaaaat the heeck....big headed animals....squid head like things'...as he will always be a bit immature about things that are very strange XD and I am also not intent on having him date any characters on mobius.....

And....he always will have a huge feud with his brother who killed his foster family at age of 5 in an attempt to eliminate him, as a threat.

but I heard people whinning about this 'hybrid' thing...uhm...I personally am a little lost there 'Black Hyena' is the same thing as a spotted hyena...only called black because many people usually see his kind as pups which start out black...as a spotted hyena pup does. Then they gain their golden and spotted fur. If you guys don't like the firey mane and open chest, well that is what makes him a demon. But the firey mane isn't always in effect, it is more of an object to help him see, as a pretty awesome 'torch'....and is another aid in showing his emotion, particularly rage. The open rib cage can be sealed over if he wished to be a little more 'normal'...but sometimes leaves it open just to maintain a relative heat over the rest of his form. Also is a defensive measure for his body so people didn't reach up into his chest and take out his heart(very fancy jewel thing...oh gawd Rouge will be after Trac with insane intents)....which sends his body into spasms the moment it is touched by someone else....and if pulled out, kills him :/

so in the end...he really isn't that strong of a character XD
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Re: My OC: Traconian~

Post  Spectre the Echidna on Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:03 pm


First I would just like to say that I love your character. I always have. Hes well balanced, in my opinion. I don't think you've made him overpowered, seeing as how he would be out of his element in the world of Mobius, away from his planet that flows with the magic that he is used to. Like you said, that would make it harder for Traconian to control the elements that he is able. And taking his illness into account, it would be difficult for him to use his powers anyway. He has his weaknesses and he has his strengths like everybody else.

Diffidently not overpowered.

Tracky has such a nice design. Such an interesting character. And like Knuckles said, I'm glad hes not a hedgehog fancharacter. xD
Hes unique and I think it would be fun seeing him here. Very much so. Hes not like most fanmade characters (not that your character is a fancharacter) who don't have any weaknesses and are complete Mari-Sues. I loooove that hes not one of those! <3

Personally I would love to learn even more about his history and see the way he acts in his new situation stranded on Mobius. Good luck getting your character approved for roleplay here, Mephi-Mun. :3
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Re: My OC: Traconian~

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