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Wikia Entries

Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:35 pm by Turbo

To Edit:
-Dr. Moreau
-Negative Egon
-Dr. Smoke

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Who should be part of the Chalice?

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29% 29% [ 2 ]
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14% 14% [ 1 ]
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Total Votes : 7

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Re: Subversion

Post  Scourge the Hedgehog on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:40 pm

[[ Apologies for taking half a month to get back to posting. I have been swamped at school. Hopefully this is my last writing-intensive course for a year or so. >> Just one more month to go LOL. ]]

That was the last straw, apparently. Scourge had bitten his tongue long enough. He intended to keep quiet at least long enough to prove just how very wrong Miles was, to make him grovel in defeat and awe, but he just didn't quit rambling on about whatever made him feel miserable. Miles though he had it bad, and he didn't even know. He got himself into this mess on his own, so what right did he have to complain? At least he hadn't been back-stabbed and betrayed by his own men. Well... maybe, but not on the same scale as the Suppression Squad revolt.

Sick of the yammering on, Scourge had turned sharply to face the boy and snagged him by the collar, scowling angrily, "Do you ever just SHUT. UP. Seriously you go on and on about how fricken miserable you are! Oh BOO HOO. If you wanna be emo go sit in a corner with Buns!" He pictured her as the type to sob about her illness, for days on end. It made him feel better just thinking about it.

Curiously enough, though, he didn't hit Miles. Not now. Instead he wrenched him around and flung him forward down a slight slope, just over the edge of which would be the cabin in question a short distance away. "There. If I can find my way across the stinkin' multiverse and break out of a sideways prison without getting permanently lost, do you think for one second I wouldn't be able to find this hole in the wall? Not a chance!

"....You can thank me now. Groveling's nice." He folded his arms expectantly.
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Re: Subversion

Post  Turbo on Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:19 am

Thread closed.
Continued in "Safe" House -->

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